Replace It!

Have you ever needed a light-weight Search and Replace tool that can work with either single files or multiple files?

Your wait is over! Check out these features:

Replace It! can easily search and replace multiple files within a specified folder, replacing all instances of your specific string with another text string!

Replace It! can work with any text-based file. Right out of the box, it works with Text (.txt) files as well as a large group of text-based Web Files (htm/html/php/asp/aspx/inc/asa/vb/cs/css/js). Plus with the Options dialog, you can add more extensions to the Web Files that Replace It! will work with!
Also, now, Replace It! works with MS Word Files - even v2007 (*.doc & *.docx)

Trial Period:
Replace It! has a 10 day trial period, during which you may do as many replacements as you need.

Pricing: The most amazing part is that this well-featured tool is that it sells for the low price of:
$15 (USD)
To Purchase, Click Here

Version 2.1 is now released!
See Version Changes page for more information!

Note: The purchase link in the 1.01 version license window is a bad link. Please make note that in Version 2.0 and the link on the left is the correct purchase link.

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